Introducing the PawCheck™ Tests
An innovative method to monitor your pet’s health in the comfort of your home setting!
The PawCheck™ tests are at-home screening tools for pet owners to check the following conditions in cats
and dogs:
Our tests have the same quality as those used by veterinarians, with a simple procedure well suited for home
Routine testing enables you to detect health issues at an early stage, to seek timely professional treatment
and to provide adequate care at an affordable cost.
The PawCheck™ Tests – an easy step for your companion’s wellness!

PawCheck Test Procedure in 4 Easy Steps
1. Remove paw cap
2. Dip exposed tip of device
   into urine for 10 seconds
3. Place device on a flat surface for 2 minutes
4. Compare color{s} of
reagent pad(s) on strip to color
block(s) on chart provided
A small amount of urine (about 2ml or a teaspoon) is needed to run the test.
Urine should be relatively fresh and used within 1 hour after it passes out of the pet body.
DOGS: free catch with container.
Monitor when your dog is ready to urinate and collect
urine promptly.
CATS: use non-absorbent litter, provided with test kit
at your request.
Dispose of old litter and clean tray.
Fill tray with non-absorbent litter; urine will seep
through and accumulate at the bottom.
Once testing is completed, dispose of non-absorbent
litter within 24 hours.